Our Capacity To Forget – The Great Failing Public

I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they ask me if I thought the latest news about – some big lies exposed – would be enough to change things. I told them that this would slip from peoples minds within a couple of weeks, We would, as a nation of people, forget about it.

When asked why I thought this was I responded – One: People are mainly interested in there own comfort, and don’t care. Two: If things go against our beliefs, we don’t hear them. Comfort is the number one pursuit of people everywhere. This is natural. Comfort is closely related to security, which is one of the few natural instincts man possesses. A belief is most often (if not always) developed for it’s security quotient. To threaten a belief is to threaten security – that’s uncomfortable.

To tell someone that the people who run the world are out to destroy them often runs up against a wall of “Security Formed Belief”. Very little can penetrate this mental fortress. Even if they believe it, they’ll create a way for it to turn out okay – without them having to sacrifice their own comfort. In the recovery world we call this – Justification.

If we cared for the comfort of others as we do our own the world would be a much better place for everyone. When I say “We” I mean the majority of the world’s population. I might add that if it were easier to change things then people would be more likely to act. The problem is that changing the course of the worlds agenda is, by design, next to impossible.

The way things will change is through the temporary sacrificing of personal comfort. In order for things to get better this sacrifice is inescapable. We can do it now to whatever degree is necessary – or do it involuntarily later to whatever degree is forced on us. I’d personally rather give up some comfort in the form of boycotting via non-participation now than be herded into a position where all choice is taken away and I have to physically fight for my life and personal freedom.

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