Our Fear Of Fear

The answer, to all we go through, is in our relation to “that program” and that program will never go away. It is part of us like our feet are part us. We can’t get away from, nor would we want to.

The endless seeking out the new, better, hugs, prayers, gurus, will go on till we understand our mind and our relationship with, what we call, thought. There is no place we can go, nothing we can take, get, get into or out of that will end our fear. We can’t cover up our thinking with our “new” thinking because the way we think up the “new” is old – as old as fear.

It is our realtionship with fear that will free us from our endless state of fear. Every system we have built in the western world is the product of fear. We fight a system, tear one down and build another out of the same thinking. Once again we arive where we were…

All the self help books, the religions, the new thought, new age gurus, are built on fear while they capitalize on the fear of others for there financial survival. In the world of form and content there is very little content. All we are trying, doing, saying, today is the old repackaged for the 21st century consumer.

99% of the people of earth have never dealt with their common problem: existential fear. We think we fear the future, homelessness, loneliness, feeling separated from source… these are symptoms. Symptoms of our fear of fear

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