Out of the motion of psychological time

What is the significance of psychological time? What is our relationship to it?

It is (yes) very much relevant to find out what the obscure cause of mental discomfort is.. especially when it’s very very abstract..
No fear for mental meltdowns should prevent such investigation..

But even if the cause is found, and the mind did a very articulated and meticulous work to find such cause.. which is a good thing..
then the very discovery of the cause doesn’t really contribute that much to the dissolution of the mist.. the confusion, the sense of desolation our brain so often senses and experience..

Yes: talking with other people, sharing, being honest and so on.. surely help the flickering psychology.. but these activities contain the vacuity of transience… because they are experiences.. they have a beginning and they have an end.. and then we are back again.. alone in the mist.. seeking for another transience.. isn’t this what happens?

Can we see how addicted and worshippers of this transience we are?

We cling to it all the time.. the amusements to escape boredom.. the various forms of self-indoctrinated (almost forced sometimes) socialization to keep solid our oscillating self-esteem.. the eventual drugs right? The gambling and the videogames.. the movies, the shopping, the buying, the gossiping.. and so many aspects and entertaining factors .. and that’s just the beginning..

…then, indeed, (we do know the story), the mental opprobrious of spiritual and religious illusions becomes our unfortunate friend..
the illusory constructed communication with the angels.. the attachment to various syncopated kibosh, bubbles of nothingness such as the “healing of the karma”, the “law of attraction”, the “you create your own reality”, the “sending love and light” .. or merely “jesus in your heart” and all of these things which have been put together by conditioned thoughts.. mind after mind.. generation after another.. all of these illusions becomes important..

And here comes the paradox.. ’cause the more intelligent a mind is.. the more such mind detects how all of these options aimed to escape despair are merely vacuous and they contain the essence of transience..

Our mind, fundamentally, does not really care about the various jesus, nirvana, allah, money, superpowers, “divine this and that”, enlightenment and all of these bombastic things ..

Fundamentally, our battered and conditioned psyche strives for absoluteness: for something that can give it safety.. the psyche wants to feel safe.. isn’t it so?

But the psyche walks in the mist.. alone.. frightened.. right?

And here and there, in the mist, there are so many merchants of glittered shining “secrets”.. the various “you are loved”, “you are special”, “find out the divine feminine within your heart” and all of these rhetorical drugs which maybe work for the time of a “you made my day”.. or a “wow”.. and tomorrow? Back again in the mist!

So here comes the issue: is there some sort of absoluteness at all in the psyche?
Can the mind achieve a moment of absolute absoluteness along the very act of thinking?

And: can the mind do so but being absolutely liberated from all illusory archetypes, spiritual bubbles and idealistic or religious idiocies of all kind?

An attentive mind sees how speculative we are..
How memory clouds perception..
and how perception goes far beyond logic and emotions..
and how it has not psychological time..

As long as the mind seeks for mental security .. the mind strives for nothingness..
but if the mind cares no longer about it..
then the very motion of psychological time comes to a psychological end..
and there perception can see..
beyond the mist..

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