Out of the Nebula

he drowsiness of the mind comes from the search of psychological certainty ..
the lust for power, of possession, the will to control, to manipulate the others ..
to have consensus and approval, to believe in the clever and cunning inventions that thought itself has created such as the “sacredness” and the various cradles of the “divine” and the wishes for the “illumination” .. and all these things ..

The power of illusions has made us believe in the separation between the “inward mind” and what the mind does on the outside .. so we created this ritual of illusory living, “thinking”, following, preaching, believing and existing .. materialistic, ideological, religious, spiritually ..

..all these things for which men are separated in misery ..

If a mind fully deduces.. entirely.. this whole condition, which is the condition of mankind,
…if the mind sees this whole hallucinatory nebula..
then the mind performs an act of pure intelligence ..
which is the only psychological liberation we can realistically grow:

The freedom from the greed of separative illusions .. Out of the Nebula..

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