Outside the me

We swim in our daily more or less psychological problematic condition, at least, we are swimming in the field of the familiar, ..and the act of thinking aimed to get out of such familiar, which is required in order to understand the whole psychological machinery, creates in us fear and dullness, and that’s the very reason why the many find superficiality, or the motivational banalities “deepak chopra/style” typical of the modern big market of spiritual/new age/motivational suggestions whatsoever, .. they find this swamp more alluring and mentally (falsely) profitable, rather than a deep rational self observation with out any shade of conditioning’s at all of any sort and with no exclusion whatsoever..

Self observation requires psychological privacy, mind’s aloneness.. not clinging to a certain idea, ideal, spiritual tip or belief or what the others do.. which is exactly what the many fear the most ..

So we nourish constantly this tendency to solve a problem by installing another..

We are consumed by problems and we react to this condition ignoring any self rational analysis, (aimed to avoid the establishment of further problems).. We shape our mind into a mind that worries about the “spiritual progress” it is making.. which is an incredibly petty activity.. In lack of attentiveness, problems arise, and problems foment the ”me”, which is not the mind but rather and merely what the mind has accumulated..

The “me” cannot possibly solve the problem.. (I’m not talking about the technical problems but the psychological ones {which then become technical}).. The “me” is the result of experiences, their decoding, memories, their decoding, psychological pictures and countless sources of conditioning’s: the “me” cannot solve the problem if not by replacing the problem with another: this is history, not a theory (look at the history of the revolutions; the french one, the russian one, the hippy revolution of the ’68.. and what they have become.. )..

The “me” cannot solve the problem because the “me” is the source of the problem..

A search for some “spiritual growth” is therefore as ridiculous as futile… but the mind, the mind who thinks outside of its conditioning’s, which is not the “me”, can perhaps understand the “me”, ..it can understand the psychological behaviour of what such mind has accumulated..

If the mind does so, then that’s the starting point in which to proceed with a possible decreasing of conflicts, problems and fear..

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