pac-man mind

There was a game so popular in the 80’s, the game used to take place within a virtual quadrant and the purpose was both to survive and to escape from several all-mouth/eating/creatures endlessly busy in following particular patterns ans paths and eating everything they encountered..

The big deal was indeed to avoid the possibility of being eaten by the creatures..

The name of this arcade game was “Pac-man”..

By using this game as an analogy to describe our psyche; it seems that thoughts and memories use to operate so often in a way quite similar to the basic structure and synopsis of the pac-man in which the dynamic that often comes into being is a psychological scenario in which thoughts “eat” other thoughts, isn’t it so?

…one wakes up in the morning and thoughts, so often, come in the brain even before the activation of a clear act of thinking.. and often this procedure seems to be a sort of overwhelming mental activity: psychological pictures, memories of yesterday, projections inherent in what one should bring into being and accomplish today.. and myriads of fragmented processes of thinking the presence of which, so often, has not even a logical reason to exist in the psyche..

all of these “psychological creatures” engage everyday the usual mental trend we call “thinking”, even if this is not really an act of thinking, but rather it’s merely a traffic of thoughts, pictures and memories..

The more the mind tries to face this or that process of thoughts, the more such process of thought intercepts and often “cannibalizes” the act of facing it, as well the possible action of analyzing it..

To bring about a focus in regard of a particular process of thinking is pretty much a not easy thing to accomplish.. but to bring about clarity and attentiveness in regard of this whole psychological activity, this traffic, is really the hardest thing..

No forms of meditation can ever bring into being such attentiveness..

because meditation is merely a long-time-protracted through the purpose of which is to control and quiet down the mind.. but not to understand the dynamic of its movements, its intertwined networks and vortices of thoughts..

It is absolutery relevant to the psyche to inquire in the very reason why a process of thoughts, or a bunch of memories, have the tendency to “eat” the act of thinking.. so often bringing about great distractedness.. Why?

For example: when a person recalls the eventual terrible traumas such person has experienced perhaps 20, 30 or 40 years ago.. such a “cocktail” of memories, thoughts and mental pictures functions exactly like the “pac-man” creatures..

The psychological reaction this person often adopts is characterized by a will or trend of psychological/existential escape.. and a necessity to “eat” the urge for commiseration or consolation, or often victimism this person can find in people and forms of consensus available in his or her environment..

Or perhaps when one has a relationship filled by misunderstandings with his or her parents and he or she recalls the picture of his or her father, or mother, which is, due these personal past problems, a nervous picture.. then this process of thinking tends to “cannibalize” the act of thinking, through the sensations it creates..

This leads to a question: why our mind so often allows the “psychological creatures”, our mind itself generates/d, to “cannibalize” the whole activity of thinking?

Why do we have such a “pac-man” mind?

Control is not the appropriate choice ’cause control “eats” control itself and, as well, it nourishes the fear to lose it.. which means that it brings into being a psychological state of alertness .. and alertness corrodes attentiveness..

Control can perhaps be successful, but control does not bring about understanding, and it actually prevents it..

The procedure of thinking through a “pac-man mind” surely manifests a heavy psychology and so often it results in urges to escape (that’s why the so called “spiritual urge” is so alluring to the many nowadays, or clinging to a certain ideal, or religion, or cult or sect or merely just drugs, gossip, shopping, sex and various form of social superficialities, or amusement and entertainments at every cost)..

Or eventually it results in great chaos, apathy, depressive states of mind, paranoia or desires of notoriety, everlasting success, compulsive pride, individualism and wishes of power and “smartness”, visibility or taking control of everything.. and so on..

It’s clear that only few of us are actually interested in inspecting this psychological reality in which particular coagulations of memories and thoughts are allowed to constantly intercept and cannibalize the rest of the activity of thinking..

The very willingness to rationally and intelligently explore this reality, which is a psychological and behavioural fact, not a theory.. can eventually help an individual to better understand such reality itself.. and with this understanding.. progressively.. this “pac-man mental trend” can perhaps be stopped and replaced with a tangible attentive self-observation and self-orientation..

If this is accomplished, and it can be done, then the “pac-man mind” can gradually become a clear mind, an attentive and rational compass through which one can live rightly and lucidly.. because only when conflicts, frictions, control and authorities within the psyche come to an end, and what is brought into being is a lucid psychological order.. only then we can discuss about a possible establishment of peace in our human world..

Think about these things..

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