A Republic, A Constitution

My understanding of a Constitutional Republic is that it allows a person as much freedom as possible, without hindering the freedom of another.

That a well thought out Constitution will insure individual freedom. That this Constitution would be beyond the reach of interpretation. That no special interests have influence over the Republic. That the primary function of this Constitution be to protect citizens from each other.

That the core of this protection insure against bodily harm and loss of property. That personal safety and personal property are fundamental to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. That no special rights supersede the Constitution, be they Family, Business or States

When On The Sky

When on the sky all birds are black
Gulls or Hawks both front and back
Swallow, Swift or Vulture, the difference only culture

Best Natural Shilajit

I’ve been looking for a real clean Shilajit product for some time. A few days ago the lady at the herbarium gave me this and I can recommend it. Think minerals and cell permeability… and something that rhymes with POW!!

Best Natural Shilajit

best natural shilajit

the multitudes

I saw the cows of god
the fated calf burnt hair and bone
The multitude lay on their faces
carving deeply into stone