Best Natural Shilajit

I’ve been looking for a real clean Shilajit product for some time. A few days ago the lady at the herbarium gave me this and I can recommend it. Think minerals and cell permeability… and something that rhymes with POW!!

Best Natural Shilajit

best natural shilajit

the multitudes

I saw the cows of god
the fated calf burnt hair and bone
The multitude lay on their faces
carving deeply into stone

for your body in 2018

I have some major liver health issues. I’m using, among other things,
Carbon60 in olive oil. Not an affiliate. Just think everyone should know about C-60. I did do some reading before settling on this brand

for your head

Ecstasy1Music+Brainwaves.mp3 BrainMassage1.mp3 PemaChodron-FromFearToFearLessNess-02pt2.mp3 HealingGuided.mp3 Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation.mp3 CreateSuccess1.mp3 tantraOfSoundHarmonizerCrownCenter.mp3 EnergyWaveDynamicsMonaural3.mp3 Alpha_Flight.mp3

… and more