for your body in 2018

I have some major liver health issues. I’m using, among other things,
Carbon60 in olive oil. Not an affiliate. Just think everyone should know about C-60. I did do some reading before settling on this brand

for your head

Ecstasy1Music+Brainwaves.mp3 BrainMassage1.mp3 PemaChodron-FromFearToFearLessNess-02pt2.mp3 HealingGuided.mp3 Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation.mp3 CreateSuccess1.mp3 tantraOfSoundHarmonizerCrownCenter.mp3 EnergyWaveDynamicsMonaural3.mp3 Alpha_Flight.mp3

… and more


Remembering red October

The events are here. The globalist forces, CIA/Deep State/mercenary “rebels”, deep state foreign intelligence and law enforcement, the weaponized CIA/Media are in full assault mode. And they keep getting caught. The real investigative journalists (the people) keep catching them

dirty people

Why is it so many dirty people enter and succeed in politics? Is our political system broke? Not the Republic or the Constitution but the political business in DC. Is it that politics has become a business? I think so. The whole DC, media, banking cabal is purely a business Nov. 1 2018