New narrative October 2018

Open border globalists
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New narrative is Nationalist vs. Globalist
Cleaner, clearer, more accurate; people will be forced to choose between these realities.
No more making shit up

The problem with ideologies

The problem with ideologies is there are always people involved

While I agree with the tenants of some philosophies, like the Illuminati. Things change with the boots on the ground part. For now, no matter what I think of governments, I have to side with the constitutional republic as the system that best protects people from themselves

Under current events

Some people paste stickers and nip at the heels of men. Some people are dealing with real world criminals:!/
Project Safe Childhood
… stay current on events

Your guide to a you’er you

Many years back I decided to get rid of everything that had got stuck in my head over time and rewrite my code. I realized, from looking at all my thoughts, ideas about things, feelings about things, that little or none of it had anything to do with me.

I realized that what I thought of as Me, was really just a program running which I identified as Me.

I also saw that I was observing that programmed Me from somewhere apart from it. Maybe beside it or behind it, maybe above it… but not in it. I was not It. So, why be It? Why be something I was not? Why be something I didn’t fully enjoy?

From that moment on, every time a thought would float by that I hadn’t come up with myself I would say “delete”. Every time a feeling would float through that I didn’t like I would look for the thoughts and ideas that sourced it. Then I’d decide whether I agreed with them or not. Some had to go, some I filed under “Watching”.

At some point I heard Jiminy Cricket say, “Always let your conscience be your guide”. Good advice? Let’s look at that for a year. See what comes out of it