A safe place for kids

I’ve been saying… “Set The Narrative”. That’s what the MSM is good at.
Recently @realDonaldTrump set the narrative and it’s perfect. Nationalist vs Globalist. Perfect. Globalist: #OpenBorders #SanctuaryCities #AbolishICE & Disarm the people
#Nationalist A safe place for kids

New narrative October 2018

Open border globalists
#Globalist dems, liberals, progressives; old tags
New narrative is Nationalist vs. Globalist
Cleaner, clearer, more accurate; people will be forced to choose between these realities.
No more making shit up

The problem with ideologies

The problem with ideologies is there are always people involved

While I agree with the tenants of some philosophies, like the Illuminati. Things change with the boots on the ground part. For now, no matter what I think of governments, I have to side with the constitutional republic as the system that best protects people from themselves