The problem with ideologies

The problem with ideologies is there are always people involved

While I agree with the tenants of some philosophies, like the Illuminati. Things change with the boots on the ground part. For now, no matter what I think of governments, I have to side with the constitutional republic as the system that best protects people from themselves

Your guide to a you’er you

Many years back I decided to get rid of everything that had got stuck in my head over time and rewrite my code. I realized, from looking at all my thoughts, ideas about things, feelings about things, that little or none of it had anything to do with me.

I realized that what I thought of as Me, was really just a program running which I identified as Me.

I also saw that I was observing that programmed Me from somewhere apart from it. Maybe beside it or behind it, maybe above it… but not in it. I was not It. So, why be It? Why be something I was not? Why be something I didn’t fully enjoy?

From that moment on, every time a thought would float by that I hadn’t come up with myself I would say “delete”. Every time a feeling would float through that I didn’t like I would look for the thoughts and ideas that sourced it. Then I’d decide whether I agreed with them or not. Some had to go, some I filed under “Watching”.

At some point I heard Jiminy Cricket say, “Always let your conscience be your guide”. Good advice? Let’s look at that for a year. See what comes out of it

Hollywood’s puppets

As the hysteria over Donald Trump morphs into strange new shapes the strangest yet is white people hating white people. The puppet masters have managed to turn people, not only against each other but on themselves. If your goal is the destruction of the people, how handy is that?

Daily or weekly a new mantra goes up and out through the deep state puppets employed at the globalist propaganda news shows. As one narrative weakens or implodes another one is blasted out to take it’s place. Hollywood actors and celebs are being used to deliver the latest narrative to fan puppets who long to feel close to their idols.

The fan puppets then parrot the emotions and ideologies of their idols and regurgitate the daily cause across social media in comments and memes. Fans are never the brightest. They are the followers of society. The people who have no identity. No mind or thoughts of their own. They are herd animals and sitting ducks for social engineers.

How easy is this? Watch how fans act around their heart throbs. This week I was watching all the men standing in line to touch Tiger Woods as he walked by. A grown man reaching to touch another man. In public. How weird is that? How stupid is that? What a creepy program to have running in your head…