Confusing complication

Ever notice that the more complicated things get the less defined the line between clear and confused becomes?

I think it works the other way around too. The less confused we are the less likely we are to tolerate complications

Mystical problems

Mystical problems might lead some to search for mystical solutions

If we say the accumulation of experience and ones reactions to experience compile a mental picture we call the self image, and that self image functions much like a computer program determining much of how we think, feel and act, then nobody would think to look for a magic potion to modify her behavior

But if we said, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, well, hold on to your hats

The madness of origins

We’ve got the god people who soothe themselves with “Our finite minds can’t comprehend the infinite mind of god”

The evolutionary biologists who replaced god with Darwin with Richard Dawkins stepping in for Jesus

Every single origin story, including the big bang boom, adopt a something from nothing miracle

Myself I’ve never understood how anything can be “here” … some years ago I decided that life was impossible

The Big Bang idea is toast

I predict we’ll soon see the big bangers repositioning themselves… Two things at play here (1) technology is revealing too much that goes against current models (2) they are business savvy and there’s too much data to explain and they want the money and the prestige

So I think we’ll see the introduction of electric current to the space show fairly soon. I think the problem for them is figuring out a way to take credit for the electricity… and how to distance themselves from their own ideas without looking like dummies