The Atheist belief system

I was looking for a where to change some code and the guy with the answer happened to be an Atheist (there was a title in the recent post column so I figured I’d read it).

Anyway he said “I believe that you have one life. There is no afterlife, there is no purgatory, and you won’t continue to exist as some kind of spirit…. I find this viewpoint extremely liberating.” … and there it is again… why so many can only move from one belief to another

Why not just live… watch things… enjoy what’s there, with no stories whatsoever? Why do we never hear about that?

One thing for sure, when all belief is discarded there is nothing to defend… ( except your lunch ) … how much disagreement vanishes with this one small step?

If a tree falls in the forest

Okay so we’ve likely heard this if we’ve been on this planet for a while “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it… does it make a sound?”.

I think the answer is found when we define sound. If sound is the result of the brain, or some other device, decoding sound waves then if nobody is around and there is nothing to turn the wave into what we call sound… No, no sound

But since there are hardly any forests that aren’t full of bodies… birds, bugs, squirrels and who knows what other inhabitants…

Where we all live

Are we not all standing on a platform from which all of our thinking proceeds? Would this platform rightfully be what we call the self image?

How would we investigate the structure of the platform? If we found the platform to be built out of ideas accumulated over the course of our lives and we found that these ideas were not our own… what would we do? What could we do?

Do we not all live inside our thinking? Do we not live inside the self image… an image of us, made out of the collecting of our experiences? Can we dismantle our self image and start over… on our own?

The source of disagreement

When the totality of existing information is delivered equally to every mind all disagreement should cease

When every fact is distributed equally to every mind true and false will be universally recognized and disagreement should cease