Ideologies and institutional thinking

We can conceive of, conceptualize, anything we want to… I counsel to keep in mind that as soon as we do, it’s there, a permanent part of our thinking, it has become an idea… ideas are what ideals and ideologies are made of. The building up of ideologies and institutional thinking doesn’t necessarily happen… but it happens

The want for magic

I’d say the want for magic is a natural reaction to certain social environments. It’s no different than the want for the Savior, or the rescuing hero. I’d like to see a world of people on farms and small communities spread out across the globe, connected to each other physically with a magnetic rail system, or any sane system of living… I’d like to see what would happen if there were nothing awful to escape

How to examine our own thinking

Examining our ideas…Lets start with

“Who do you think built the Pyramids?”

… Now, whatever the answer was, ask yourself Why? How did we come to think this?

Most of us are people

We all see, hear, read and feel the same things differently

The “We are all one” mantra must refer to a small slice on the we spectrum

Recently many have jumped on the we’re all special ride

I guess all these mantras, pop phrases and bandwagon ideas are to be expected, since most of us are people