The past of the past

I was looking at my young self the other day, visiting a memory of a situation in which my behavior, fueled by feeling which we’re saying is fueled by thought, and I was aware that an entire world of confusion came out of a desire to, I wouldn’t call it a need to be loved, more like a need to not get in trouble, maybe not be abandoned.

How different things would be if we would of had different information as children. What information, ideas, answers and stories does any child get that is not generated from confusion?

People talk about an evolution of intelligence or consciousness… How could we be doing anything but devolving? Who even manages to raise themselves out of their own confusion? What makes us think we’re getting better?

The ten billion group

You really want to change the world? Tired of the same old ideas, the same things tried, year after year, watching the world get overrun?

Ten billion people can do anything they want… think about it

The ten billion group

Hidden thing

I sleep along the brick and mortar
I’m what collects in darkened halls
While laughter dances in white stockings
Play like leaves down Autumn streets
It tortures me this life of light
Furrows where a brow would be
What grace the things of bodies
What light the eyes of dancers
Waiting for I can’t remember
to be felt… to be seen… not a hidden thing

Looking at what is

From our information we imagine what we want… fossils become evidence for our ideas… ideas become evidence for what we want. In the physical observable world there is only one reality. In the world of what is, consensus is not evidence.

Good science will establish what is, and lead to more good science… wanting things to be real, leads to more wanting. We can begin to examine our relationship with what is by asking , “What do I want?”.

We can be researchers… or followers