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Open Borders Stupidity

I’ve never thought the world of people made sense. I never thought it would lead anywhere I wanted to go. I never saw anyone and thought, “I want to be like them when I grow up”. So I’ve never really been “in” to anything. Never joined a group or a cause. Never been an activist. I might have if anyone was trying to do something I wanted done. The one or two times I have run across someone trying to do something I wanted done I didn’t think there was any way for them to get it done so I didn’t bother getting to involved. It turns out I was right, nothings changed…

Moving forward through the years we come to today, and I never seen anything like it. Only the 60’s come close. The things about the 60’s was it was a real, and right, resistance movement. It was doomed to fail. The move against the powers that be never stood a chance.

Today the world has turned on it’s head. The resistance to tyranny and criminality has turned on it’s head. The relatively sane people, the people for greater peace and prosperity, less lawlessness, less evil, took control. The resistance today is made up of the psychotic criminals who ran the world since before you and I were born.

For the first time in my life I see a reason to get involved.

The resistance to sanity, the globalists who for the first time in hundreds of years are facing a major roadblock, is at war with the U.S. Government. This war is being waged from within as well as without. There are more Globalists within the U.S. government than there are those siding with sanity. There are Globalists within, or in control of, every government in every nation on the planet

At the front, the armies are battling for control of the borders. The resistance wants open borders to add to their combatants within the U.S.. The government is fighting to hold their ground. The ground war of the resistance, the opposition to sane and safe independent societies, is being fought from inside the U.S. government, through the globalist media and by an army of delusional foot soldiers.

What I’m seeing today is that the reasonably sane soldiers are making one big, one very common, mistake. That of not knowing the enemy. In this case it’s in the labeling. The reasonably sane think those fighting for open borders are Democrats. This is a term used by people within the government. There’s a reason for that. But there’s a reason why it doesn’t work for the foot soldiers.

Go on any social media platform and read the comments. All the foot soldiers are fighting a Democrats against Republican comment war. Some are fighting a Religious war. Neither of those labels are accurate. Remember the Generals of the resistance are focusing all their efforts on breaching the borders. Do all Democrats want open borders? Do all Religious people want the same thing as far as laws and borders?

The proper labeling for the resistance is Globalists. Whether the delusional globalist dupes and foot soldiers know they’re fighting for the globalists or not doesn’t matter. They’ve been enlisted and deployed in the globalists army.

The war waged at the border is the war against globalism. The people fighting for open borders might be Democrats. They might be pedophiles or sex traffickers or criminals but the underlying force behind it all are the globalists.

Israel about to be revealed

The relationship between Israel & the rest of the world, especially the U.S., has always been a mystery to me. They seem to be like the Vatican, always fucking with people but nobody ever gets past the first line of mouth pieces and then everything just silently slips back to… no news

Now I see no aid for Palestine. Which so far has meant DeepState funds are cut off & peace process begins. Not that things immediately calm down, but mercenary groups won’t fight without weapons and cash so everything that was… begins to fizzle out.

At that point we’re left with what left, and some sort of real picture begins to take shape. Will we see it go the way of Syria, where the government begins to clean up it’s country? Or the way of Iran, with the government trying to find funding elsewhere, and the people trying to stop it?

So, how does getting rid of the DeepState in Palestine reveal something about Israel? The only difference between Palestine & Israel is an ever shifting line drawn in the sand. Israel has been pushing the line ever since they got permission to move there. When you figure in there were already Jews in Palestine living as friends & neighbors, what did Israel move there? A name? A government, an entitlement? I look forward to finally getting some facts