some space between

There is some space between memory, thought, identity… and an observer. I think this is where investigation can begin

The applications of science

Science doesn’t make money
The applications of science make money
Today one of the most profitable applications of science is entertainment

Where are you?

Let me ask you something, “Where are you? When you feel what’s thinking, what’s aware of itself, where is it?”

Debian Mepis MX-14 is good Linux

I’ve been using Debian 7 wheezy stable, and am happy with it… for a solid work station.

But for some reason, don’t know if it’s a Debian issue, or a Blackberry issue, I’m no longer able to plug the phone into a USB port and get photos… or any files for that matter

So I started looking around for something I could put on a machine and see if I could plug in. I thought of Mepis, which I’d tried maybe eight years ago. I remember it was easy to install and didn’t take a lot of fiddling with… can’t remember why I chose something else…

Anyway I tried the MX-14 after reading some reviews and looking through the specs. I won’t bother telling you much about the features I’ll just say if you want a Debian Operating System that you can install and start using immediately… give it a try. Of course, with all open source operating systems it depends a lot on the hardware you’re using

I will say it found the wireless and I didn’t need to install Adobe to watch youtube videos. It has a lot of interesting packages… It comes with a package to make torrents and a tool writing a bootable USB (very handy). Right now I have no issues with it at all… the web browser, QupZilla, doesn’t have a lot of plugins like Firefox so I thought I’d need to get Firefox, or Iceweasel, then I found a package that lets you watch youtube from the desktop and you can download from there… Handy or what? Okay, I gotta stop