Envision a world without money

“Can we imagine a world without money?”

Unless we can envision a world without money we will be stuck inside a monetary system. The Venus project and the zeitgeist movement are the only non-monetary visions I’ve seen. I’d opt for that system(s) without hesitation.

But what I see is that Earth people seem to be locked into systems of suffering. A sort of mental affliction. A temporary genetic imprinting much like the cycle of abuse creating abuser. I think it’ll take a generational time out in order to break this behavior.

As bad as it sounds I see no other way than to force people out of the systems where they dwell. This forcing people to comply isn’t anything out of the ordinary. A different system is forcing an entrenched system out right now.

A billion people, that could agree on something, could force the system again.

The common agreement system of government

Pretty much everything I’ve been thinking about and writing about has to do with finding out what isn’t working and making something that does. This takes a lot of examination, a great deal of contemplation.

For instance, does any system of government work: if so, why; if not, why? Does any monetary system work…? Are borders necessary? Where did the idea for borders come from?

The idea for this page was my understanding that people all want slightly different things. But there were a few things everyone wants: to be safe; to enjoy their lives to the fullest. So instead of building on and amending systems put in place by Kings we could start with nothing but a common agreement.

Freedom versus freedoms

What is important, poignant, crucial for attaining and sustaining individual freedom? Freedom: not to be confused with freedoms. When enough people agree on what stands in the way of freedom they can agree to act on it. Until then, freedom will remain out of reach, the stuff of dreams

A cost of living short story

Listen, here’s a great phrase, “A cost of living adjustment”. I guess this has something to do with minimum wages and pay scales and such, but it’s really a cute way of saying dollar devaluation. Some people call it inflation but it’s really just the opposite.

So the dollar is worth somewhere around nothing today. That means that the price of stuff is way up. Because it takes a lot of worthless stuff if you want to swap it for real stuff. So regular old people work for far less than the “cost of living” has increased. Then they have to pay most, if not all, of that for the real stuff needed to live.

This particular monetary system is all but done. Knowing this can help if you don’t have enough to worry about