A Conversation With Nature

Are we a product of Nature? Or are we, and all things here, Nature?

Is Nature Intelligent?

What might be the nature of intelligence in Nature? How would a different “Intelligence” work?

Does nature think? Could we join in conversation?

Some might recognize this as a nudge to different… where our notions about communication and intelligence would need adjusting

If a discussion of this sort, with a different form of intelligence, were possible it wouldn’t be the same as we’re used to… language, notions about communication, would be a hindrance… listening would indeed take on something new… as we couldn’t use any held ideas about what we were listening to or for

If we asked, without talking, just asked everything around us to let us know what it thought… What would happen?

People talk to gods: who they can’t see and have only heard of in stories

People talk with imaginary people: in possible future scenarios…

People berate themselves: over past deeds

We ask ourselves, “Why did you do that, or why didn’t you just do this?”… Like we’re living our lives as a couple, or a group…

Why wouldn’t we want to talk with Nature? It’s doing good… Who do we know that goes along as steady as Nature? When I think of it that way I have to ask, “Why would I want talk to anyone, or anything, else?

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