Parents, kids, and the new age rap

If you have kids and your mind has that curious tendency to look to, or cling to, the new age rap… then here’s a little suggestion, (if you are able to handle it), for the sake of your children: Just keep it simple…

There is no “real” or “fake” spiritual preachers: there are no spiritual preachers whatsoever… at all!

There are only self-deluded oracles desperately trying to find their way out of confusion through the consensus they get from their audience, and there are scams, demi-scams and on to the craziest…

Welcome to the zoo kid!

There is only a thing that can help you, if you want it take it with you, to find the way out of the zoo… and that thing is your unconditioned, indestructible, incorruptible intelligence…

Never lose it!!

Never let the fools grind you down… Always and forever… Find out for yourself

Diego Fontanive

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