People, Hope And Change

Abandon all hope, those who hope for change. It’s easier and just as productive.

I’m a big fan of easy. There is an ever increasing the lack of easy in our lives these days. Life in the monetary world is rarely easy. In this world people can pay to elect politicians. People can buy laws and regulations. This makes life hard for the majority.

As long as we have a monetary system this won’t change – ever. So we might as well quit hoping it will. We might as well stop trying to reason with the unreasonable. It doesn’t work.

There have been many revolutions that over turned systems and then implemented the same systems. That is insanely unreasonable. I guess people hoped the new, same, system would some how work with different people at the helm.

The problem with that reasoning is as long as the system is based on money the same psychopathic people will be back at the controls before long and …

So abandon all hope. Accept that change is not available within the confines of these monetary systems. Get outside if you want change. Step outside the borders of monetary influences. Even if at first it’s only the introduction of the idea, move. Move away in thought and deed can possibly follow.

Rarely, in fifty years of life on earth, have I seen anyone change their beliefs. I’ve never known hope to change anything.

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