People, programs and filters

For many years I’ve been trying to remove the filters that stand in the way of my seeing the world clearly. At one point I chose a few people that I thought were maybe the sanest I knew and I’d run the data that came my way by them and asked them what they saw. I did this a lot. Even so far as things I’d read, I’d asked, “What does this mean?”, just to see what they’d say.

Most of the time they saw something I didn’t see… I was reading words, they were often interpreting the words… Sometimes adding words, sometimes ignoring words. So I knew one thing for sure, that people saw the same things, the same raw data, differently. There was no conscious interpreting going on… it was automatic.

This is when I started to recognize the presence of the subconscious program, although I’d read about it before this, I had never seen it. Through no fault of my own I had for the most part seen words, and heard words, as they were written or spoken. This doesn’t mean I escaped the conditioning. I had a very pronounced automatic reaction to many things: types of people, institutions etc. I’d also unknowingly accepted a lot of ideas, stories, about the world…

Between this self image program and this story world I could see I was no better off than the person who was reading words that were never written. I went to work to uncover these programs and found that I couldn’t look directly at them. It seemed as if there was a sort of security system in place. What I could do is recognize their symptoms. I got used to focusing on my instantaneous emotional reactions to things.

From there I began to move in on them… As a result, so far, I’ve been able to recognize a lot of the me… that has nothing to do with me. These parts, pieces of my program, began to separate and fall away. It’s on going. There are other clues that the programs are running and one of them is disagreement.

People disagree a lot. No matter how much common ground people can find or imagine I’m much more attuned to our disagreements. I find that in any disagreement some filter is talking, listening… interpreting.

The only thing I want out of this is that the filters get rooted out. This requires a willingness, from the people involved, to be seen for what they are. And that, allowing ourselves to be revealed… is the greatest deterrent

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