People Refuse To Be Free

More and more political party rhetoric from – the public. Who must go down in history as the people who destroyed The United States. Sure, I know, they aren’t master minds. No loyal subject is. But wow, how they defend their masters.

No difference. Everyone in Congress understood Iraq build up. They all understood “enemy combatant”. Majorities in both parties gave torture the nod. When we people stop thinking there are “different parties” we will stand a chance at saving ourselves. Government uses the party myth to divide people and stay in office. Politicians ( the vast majority ) are primarily bent on retaining their positions. All else is secondary. If government would adhere to the constitution we would be OK. Not perfect, but OK. Congresses “job” is to represent the States. What we have now is a government that represents itself.

They do this well, in the short run. As the nation is systematically driven to bankruptcy they are filling there trunks with the profit. Where they think they’ll go when the fleecing is over – I’m not sure. The best thing happening in this country right now is a movement that is turning to the Constitution for solutions. Our constitution was formed in the same climate as we have today.

Government is the modern monarchy. The only thing that can stop it is an educated informed society. Understanding the constitution and refusing any handouts that go outside constitutional parameters is key. Cicero said when the public discovers it can vote money from the government coffers – the Country, nation, culture is doomed.

Every thing we need to survive is in the Constitution. We ignore it at our own peril. Yes, Newt is talking nutty. But he’s talking that way to ensure division and distraction. What him and all party employees do, is get us to not see the important issues. Like that our government is breaking the law of the land. It’s of the rails. Out of control.

It, and by way of it, this country, is unrecognizable as the Republic that was built by our ancestors. Bottom line is: This nation has and is being stolen from it’s citizens. In order for this to take place we had to, and must continue to allow it. As long as we allow ourselves to be distracted, intimidated, cajoled or frightened it will continue. History will repeat itself. We can never go back. But we can certainly take back the reigns.

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