People Who Wish To Be Governed

Recently I read this in response to some writing …using the phrase “colored person” is extremely offensive to some people. Please remove it

I could say that when people who say things like, “using the phrase “colored person” is extremely offensive…”, that I find it extremely offensive. Where would that leave us?

At some point, in this new age of collective nonsense, some self appointed minority will say that using the term minority is offensive and they would prefer to be known as the “Wee Count”. If they have the numbers in their group to help someone secure power over them they’ll get some attention and maybe some air time during the next election show.

The label “Wee Count” might even become part of the indoctrination system (who that is in power can’t utilize another distraction). The torrent of childishness, pettiness and insecurity is unleashed when people choose, or allow themselves, to be governed… or swayed from the first principle: To thine own self be true

I’m thoroughly sick of people who wish to be governed…

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