Percentage Of Population Living In Religious Fantasy

What percentage of adults (chronologically speaking) live in dreams and religious fantasy? I know there are many. I see that Mitt Romney is likely to win the Republican nomination for president. I can only see two reasons why Mitt would be in the running at all.

One, the people who actually decide decided he was the best for their position, whatever that might be. Or two, actual people like him because he said he was a Christian. A Christian: A religion based on what? Did Christ say, “Lets start a religion”? Or did he say don’t make a public display of your conversations with God?

The grand illusion seems to be that many many people still think that God will intervene if they can get a guy into power who claims to like God. Does this really make any sense to grown ups? Isn’t the very idea of growing up to grow out of childhood fantasies like Santa and the Easter Bunny and get real?

We already have a totally ridiculous religious system in Catholicism. I mean robes and scepters and ring kissing scuttling sycophants  flocking to see and hear the Pope. Are we just babies in big bodies or what?

What would be wrong with a little evidence based living? Just to see what happens.


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