Perception and the dawn of thought

Perception is not surely reaction, nor it is a result, isn’t it so?

We have so many stimulations, it’s fine to be stimulated, when stimulation is a healthy psychological and practical activity, whether self-induced stimulation or not and also, (why not ?), searched stimulation..

You can be stimulated by a sunny day, the springtime, a conversation, music, movies: without stimulation, (when such stimulation is not neurotic and compulsive as an escape from reality), the brain becomes a sedentary robotic absentee..

However perception is not the outcome of stimulation, it is not made up by thoughts, it has no beliefs and it has no intellectualized conclusion, right?

The relationship with memories dictates the fabrication of thoughts which then leads to the formation of actions (or apathy, which still an action even if it is passive) according to pleasure/stimuli or suffering/stimuli. Thoughts, no matter if clear or unclear, generate action, and often action generates conflicts between actions and post-thoughts.

Can this conflict be understood and mitigated?

If so; then obviously it cannot be understood through another process of thinking which leads inevitably to a further production of thoughts, which leads inexorably to further actions, which leads to further conflicts (that’s the psychological process of escape we all know, more or less)..

Perception is outside of intellectualization and verbalization, therefore perception, which is understanding before learning, before assimilating, before reacting and verbalizing, before answering and counter-reacting.. is the most adequate starting point to understand the stimuli and the movements of the psyche.. without jumping, blindly and irrationally, into an ideation.

Perception is listening, not necessarily acoustically, but in full.. without allowing our conditioned mind, which is always so quick in answering, to fabricate an almost immediate network of ideations..

We respond ideationally in order to safeguard that identitary self-protective status quo we have and feed daily.. whatever it is, no matter if we like it or dislike, whether beliefs, pride, convinctions, ideals, dogmas, habits, addictions, whatever… We are in crisis and we protect the crisis: our mind is so quick to be irrationally reactive.. this is fact unfortunately..

Usually, if not always, we decode thought “a posteriori” (aftermath, after).. with all of the consequent weight of suppositions, interpretations, speculations, meanings and all the rest of it.. (that’s what we call “consciousness”)..

A perceptive mind, (and that’s what the biological, synaptic, cerebral and psychological “purpose” of perception is supposed to be) can decrypt what happens (psychological movements) before the formation of thought, which means that such quality can recognize if thought is conditioned since its very foundation and formation..

It’s quite hard to prevent conditioning’s to shape thoughts, ’cause we have been conditioned and it’s pretty much a done deal.. but al least the recognition of what happens at the dawn of thought can be done, read and understood without allowing, passively, the growth of thought (and subsequent actions) to rule the whole mind in function of its conditioning’s..

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