Pictures in our heads

Thoughts create our reality? What’s “our reality”? Is that the same as reality?

Isn’t all that’s real reality? Can our real be different than their real?

I know that thoughts create pictures in our heads … like that picture of a thought being in our heads … is that really where those pictures are? Wherever they are, they’re there

Before the new sciency physics and new age ideas about creating our own reality it was understood that people had dreams of the future, images… pictures of what they hoped to be or do one day

Then, if they were serious, they set about making those dreams a reality… or making their dreams come true. It wasn’t mystical but practical

As far as I know, no physical thing is ever made without the physical activity of making it.

Can these thoughts about “Thoughts Create Reality” be anything more than pictures in our heads? Can we live in our pictures? Maybe that’s the new “My reality” idea, a virtual reality… Could we get food there?

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