Poem Things

A booming rush and 500 geese jump from the field below the crest, shouting fly grab the distance
The coyote sprints through seed heads, nerves sparked by the sound of the prey he flushed, pushing the air, run run grab the distance
This is it, it’s now for life, throw the world behind us


I heard them say humanity, a word that sounds like sanity, and vanity, the Manatee that swims the aqua bay

They said I should be part of it, that purpose was the heart of it, but nothing of it seemed to fit a mind that lived to play


The timid way of shells… these aren’t the shells of birth or life… but shells that cloak, for comfort sake… a curtian drawn… a settling in… there is no flying here


Do we ever see the places.. thoughts and fears beneath the pose

underneath the masks… behind

blind water spots and memories grime

some frozen day cut out of time

who knows what dwells in dreams and hells behind the guise… these dirty windows


I lay there as a boy and dreamed… in rays the dragon sniffed me… but I was silent among the leaves… part of the smells I was… in the season… lost in the time of day


Is there a note in light to spark, and hark, is this the darkest humming

Songs to sky we look from rocky sides and brook

From little faces eyes fill up, hands to ears will cup

Hands held touch while wonder rolls

In sync, in sounds, in solid bowls

The structures sing, the endless ring, the chorus brings, the life unfolds

We settle in

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