Politics: A common Sense Solution

I’ll can tell you how to fix most of the major problems faced in the US and abroad. I know what the solution is to the major problems and it’s not because I’m a really smart guy. I know what the solution is, because it’s so glaringly obvious.

The primary liability where politics is concerned is politicians. This part of the solution is so simple it’s just ridiculous. People can wipe out 70% of the nations problems by never voting for a politician. If they’ve been a politician don’t vote for them. If they have corporate interests – don’t vote for them. Who should you vote for?

Doesn’t matter, pick someone, anybody. It’s probably a good idea to pick someone who has done a useful job and who excelled at it. It’s probably best not to pick any one from corporate america because they’ve swallowed the lie, hook, line and sinker so you know they’re lacking in the thinking department. Other than that, it doesn’t really matter.

Here’s all a person needs to know about politics. The Congress and The Senate are representatives. They’re not supposed to be decision makers or problem solvers – and they’re not. The only job they have is to act as representatives. If you think they aren’t good at their jobs – you’re wrong. They are representing their constituents. It’s just not the public interests they’re speaking up for.

A politicians first objective is to get elected. So they find out what their parties voters want. Then they say “That’s what I’m going to give you”. That’s it, that’s the whole show. And it is a show. The best showman of the last few presidential elections is Obama, hands down. Clinton was excellent, he had them feeling young and in charge. Obama had them crying tears of joy – now that, is a showman. The incredible part is, all they had to do – was lie. Over and over and over….and a multitude of needy people wept and cheered.

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