Pot Poll In Police State

What’s the real problem the so called “law makers” have with Hemp? It’s not just high THC content, smoke a bowl, pot that’s illegal. It’s also, maybe the most useful plant on earth, Hemp that’s illegal. Hemp is illegal because it’s in direct competition with other crops and industries.

If you have hemp, you don’t need cotton, lumber or oil. You don’t need, or want, Monsanto. Asking this question about Hemp leads to other similar questions. Why don’t all cities have electric transit systems? Why did alcohol prohibition only effect production?

Whenever there are laws made that don’t make common sense you can follow it back to where profit is made from such a law. Outlawing pot (smoke) means big money for the prison industry. Same with seemingly nonsensical immigration laws (Arizona).

If you and I resided in a sane society there would be no law making pot or hemp illegal. Wouldn’t you get a vote in a real Democracy? We live in the computer age. If a State wanted to decide whether or not to make something illegal or legal why not just vote? It would be really simple to set up voting systems in schools or libraries.

We don’t need a “Law Maker” to make decisions for us. We have little need for politicians whatsoever. In fact, I can’t think of one good reason to have a politician – can you?

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