Programs That Destroy Mental Health

Mental health issues are at the forefront of todays medical and social troubles. If you don’t understand the brain, think of it like this: The brain develops and runs it’s own programs. These programs are often referred to as the sub-conscious mind.

The sub-conscious mind is the part of the mind that stores things we no longer need to think about. Breathing is a process we never had to think about. Getting food onto a fork and to our mouths is something our mind learned. Once learned, it runs like a program. We don’t think much about it, if at all.

There are all kinds of programs operating just below the surface of what we call thinking. We seldom, if ever, think outside our programs. For example – Why would a person stay in an abusive situation when one minute of rational thinking would have them up and out of the problem? It’s their program. They aren’t thinking, can’t think, outside the program.

How many of these programs are running inside us? Or better put “Running us…”? There are a couple of ways to get a person’s program to rearrange itself or dissolve altogether. Emotional shock is one. Enough trauma and the program might stop functioning. But that’s severe and may or may not happen. This living and thinking as a program is a waste of life.

We could try to reprogram without the need for a lot of pain and trauma. We can find the program that’s thinking for us. Notice what we’re thinking and ask, “Where is this thought coming from?”. You can also use tools like the one’s listed below. They can be used to get passed the programs defense mechanisms and rewrite them. Be well…

Uncommon Knowledge – Hypnosis

Reduce Stress Naturally with Sound Technology


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