Psychological Compartmentalization

It’s obvious, so obvious, that we all cannot understand the complexity of our mind as long as we break it up into compartments, which is exactly what we have been doing historically for thousands of years, and exactly what we are doing now individually.
Compartimentalization indeed fabricates belief and this brings about inevitable borders which leads to conflict.
Not just conflict among men, nations, countries, tribes, villages and so on..
but first of all: conflicts within the psyche : wars of thoughts against other thoughts.

Isn’t a sort of war what’s going on within one’s mind when it comes to feel guilt? Shame? Discomfort?

Isn’t a psychological civil war when one even when he or she has everything he or she desires and after all his or her life is doing great, that mind is in pain… in depression… in desolation… struggling for something which is not even known?

To understand the complexity of all our psychological disturbance one must understand, firstly, the complexity of his or her own process of accumulation, which is, paradoxically, both what gives to his or her mind the falsely required sense of psychological security, as well the very source of mental disturbance.

What a paradox! Isn’t it?

So we all entered this trap, because we all have been cognitively programmed for it, from the family to the school, from the media to the common senses such as goodness and the becoming someone, from the church’s teachings to the temple’s severity.. we all entered this trap of accumulation… so to gain psychological security… accumulation of money, goods, values, practices, acts of searching, illusions, beliefs and knowledge… and it’s never enough… Psychological security is never enough.

It clearly works as a drug…

Psychological sobriety is the psychological serenity necessary to observe attentively with no internal conflicts of any kind.

Psychological security implies an enemy, a drunk reason to be protected and to feel like so… It’s pathological and miserable this human tendency to develop enemies (which then unfortunately become real) so to pettily establish a socio-mental-flag of psycho-security.

Then a nation need another hostile nation so condemn it and eventually attack it so to prove its power, honor and consolidate pride.
We go to the Moon and we insert a flag…
My grass is more green than the grass of my neighbor…
My spiritual qualifications are more solemn then yours… and so on.

Knowledge is a treasure, but knowledge became that accumulation of tools through which each one of us function to compare himself or herself to another so to acquire conditioned mental security… No matter what the way is: no matter your technique, your belief, your conglomeration of wise notions and postures of body and mind: there will never be a total understanding as long we think not with but through our knowledge so to make sure that our psyche is in security… because by caging yourself into a category, a compartment, a box of culture, spiritualism, religiosity or ideals, we prevent your intelligence to expand itself…

How can be possible that psychological security gets even more relevant than free intelligence?

It is only to the mind who cares no more about its psychological security… that can evolve erasing all “mental civil wars” within the brain…

As long psychological security, which is a process of accumulation and perpetuation of the same yesterday just painted by new achieved notions everyday (and also known as “consciousness”), rules the mind… such mind cannot meet any peace… no matter how hardly and badly such mind tries to fake itself… whether through spiritual masks, or the ”macho-man” ones, or religiously and ideologically and so on…

There is a thing the many of us never thought about, Is there a possibility to the human mind to think without the need of psychological security?”

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