Psychological orientation

Thought is that production which spring out from memory, which means the psycho-mnemonic “time” also known as “past”, also known as “memory”, also known as “consciousness”. Past/memory/consciousness (pmc) can be immensely long, it can be the historical one, or merely one second ago.

This means that when thought is functioning, even when thought is made up by existential hopes, it’s the pmc (past/memory/consciousness) at work; the pmc produces thought and from this there is no escape…

All thing like “talking with the angels”, imagining high spiritual ambitions, formulating big theoretical ideas in regard of a new society and so on.. come from the pmc.. therefore each single thought carries in itself, inexorably, the spectrum of influences projected by what one mind has conglomerated, elaborated, denied, adopted, bought, begged, bartered, borrowed or stolen..

The thought that projects itself toward a searching for happiness, and the thought that projects itself toward the desire of “illumination” .. aren’t they here as products, forms of escapism, of a movie projector manufactured by the pmc and indeed aimed to escape it?

Here’s the catch: the projector projects his own escape .. but that does not produce any movement, just illusions… right? Just like a movie

How can possibly a mind find all of these existential hypothesis through the act of functioning with such an old process of thinking.. running to stand still?
By forgetting the absurdities like the enlightenment and similar banalities
and considering that a state of psychological liberty, instead, can really meet its dawn within the brain.. then it’s obvious that such freedom cannot come from a process of thinking or it’s product manufactured by the pmc..

Observation is that psychological quality to first think, (even for 1 or 2 seconds) with no attributions, no psychological images, no ideas or ideals, and without the corrupted pigmentation of beliefs..

During psychological orientation there is no psychological time, therefore no pmc factor..

If, when you look at the hydrangea, mind gets occupied by nonsenses, such as “thanks jesus for such a gift of beauty”, or “cosmic divine something”, up to the rhetorical stupidities tied up to our brain by our silly rhetorical conditioning’s we use to attach, for some reasons, to the picture of what gives us pleasure.. such as “forgiveness”, “compassion”, “love” and so on (what’s on Earth the relationship between “forgiveness” or “compassion” and the hydrangea?)..

If we look at the hydrangea (just to mention an example) and what comes is made up by all of these projections, which are the pmc, then we are not thinking: just functioning through a very old and heavy industry

Here we are talking about a plant.. let’s imagine what happens, considering the pmc factor, when we think about our whole life and existence..

It’s a dramatically immense skein to unravel…

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