Reincarnation Is The Better Belief System

I view all religions as belief systems. The two major belief systems pretty much dominate the world view. They are the Christians and Muslims. People who adhere to these belief systems are all followers and therefore potentially dangerous people.

One potentially dangerous aspect of these common religious belief systems is the followers all think they’re leaving. There is also something said about a “New” earth. Eventually for Christians there is the rapture deal and any left here will be left to their own reward – in other words they’ll get what they deserve.

So when it comes to pollution, war, nuclear testing and so on who, as a group, would be more inclined to worry much about it? Those leaving for virgin territories and streets of gold or those who will reincarnate? So I say that reincarnation is the better belief system.

The common component of all belief systems is anyone, or everyone, can be completely wrong. One thing is certain, someone is mistaken. Some group is living their lives according to a fictitious idea. I choose to lean toward reincarnation but understand it may not be so. I do have the Dali Lama sharing this idea and that’s something.

What got me to thinking about reincarnation and belief systems (this time) is that I wonder at families of great power and, I guess you’d have to say, great evil or negative behaviors. Look at a family like Rothschild who have been playing the control the world game for a long, long time. There are other bloodlines who do the same. I’ve always wondered why.

Not necessarily why would anyone want to rule the planet, but why and I guess how do you manage to keep things going through generations with different people? Generally speaking kids want to do something different than what their parents are doing. What keeps them on track?

I think it’s their belief system. I think they think they’re going to reincarnate here – returning to the same bloodline. That would explain some things. If your parents convinced you that you would keep returning to the family and therefore it was important to have the best conditions to return to you might readily join in the game.

So you see I don’t think a better belief system always makes for better people. Reincarnation seems to have it’s monsters too. I just think that overall reincarnation not only makes more sense but tends to promote greater awareness of the future of this planet.

What would change if we all adopted the reincarnation belief system?

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