removing pages or directories from search engine index

For the most part I don’t pay attention to search engines other than Google. Only because I make enough money from Google Adsense to pay for my domains and hosting costs.

If you aren’t aware of it, google’s url removal tool works for directories too. That’s the directory and everything in it. Everything gets removed from Google’s index. At least that’s their story. There is more than likely nothing ever truly gone as far as historic records go.

We’re only asked to make sure the removed URL is blocked (Disallowed: /dir/file) in robots.txt and that a 404 is served.

From the url removal page at Google Webmaster Tools:

URL: thesite/foldertoremove/
Reason: remove directory

This will remove all URLs within the directory thesite/foldertoremove/ from Google search results

For permanent removal, the content must be blocked by robots.txt.

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