Ron Paul Will Never Be President

Ron Paul will never be president, you can’t do battle with the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group and you’ll never defeat the tyrants.

I joined some activist websites and blogs so I could get their email alerts. It’s nice to be aware of the latest high crimes and misdemeanour’s being perpetrated on the worlds people. But I have to say that most of the titles for these posts and stories are pure fantasy.

For example, defeating the new world order, or, end the fed. Sounds good. Is it realistic?

Most of these websites just talk to themselves. There are people that stumble across them and sign up and become members. Then those people too become the website. Have they been turned into assets in the fight against tyranny?

If we look at the tyrants, whoever we think they may be, we see they have two things in common. One, they all have an army. Some use civilian forces, some use the military. But they all have armed enforcers. So how would they be defeated? How would a website “Wage War” against them?

Two, they all have money and power. How does a website, or an activist group, go up against that combination and win?

The fact is there is no “Doing Battle” with tyrants unless the opposition can beat them at their own game. The game though is rigged by law. If ever a citizenry were to truly do battle against a tyrannical institution they would have to do so outside and against the law. There have been those who have tried this route and they’re either dead or behind bars.

What tools are at the disposal of the activist? Let’s see, they can:

  1. Investigate
  2. disperse information
  3. Offer solutions

That’s about it right?

At best the awareness movement (any awareness movement) can only expect to get other people to act in a certain way. Websites can inspire and educate the willing. They can change public opinion as far as they are able to reach that public.  Through this process we might get a majority of some public to change some behaviour. This is evident by all the GMO free, Hormone free, organic food in the aisles of every major food chain store. We didn’t ask for it. We stopped buying the other stuff.

So you can increase public awareness, change public opinion and in doing so behaviour. But, using the organic example, does this change federal food and health policies? Absolutely not. If anything the US government (for one) has stepped up it’s policy of aggression towards free speech and freedom of choice concerning food and health.

This is all done by making opposition or freedom of choice against the law. Then the enforcers enforce.

We can understand all this, truly understand what we’re up against, when we understand why Ron Paul will never be president. The fact is there is no voting people into office. Voting people into office would be detrimental to the tyrant – so the game was rigged. You can see the game being played out right now because there’s another election party going on.

It’s all a party for the government. It’s a game. The important thing to see here isn’t really who winds up running against who – but how. The how is out of the public’s hands. You and I have absolutely no say in who gets a nomination and the reality is – that’s all that counts. Ron Paul will never be president because the game is rigged to make it impossible.

We can’t end the Fed because there is no opposition to the Fed running the monetary system. We can’t “Win the war against the New World Order” because there is no opposing force under our command.

I’m not saying people or websites should stop what they’re doing. What they’re doing has to be done. But what we’re doing won’t get us what we want. The bottom line motive for every opposition group falls under the heading of control. We all want control over our own lives. I am in agreement with this goal. The question is, “Is it possible?”.

Is it realistic to think about defeating the opposition to our goals? I would have to say, No. First, we have no money and no power. To be more accurate we don’t use our money or our power to get what we want. We don’t do this, I can only assume, because we can’t agree on anything.

The main reason we can’t agree on anything is because we have forgotten what a constitution is, or more on point, why a constitution is. There’s a world of difference between enforcing a law and upholding a constitution. The majority of what I read says people want a different government. Maybe a government of the people for the people? Most of what I get from reading activist websites is a desire to have a government that works for them. Is this a good idea?

Each person has they’re own desires and goals. So how can a government work for the individual and the whole? In fact this is exactly the form of government we have now. Most people want to improve things in government to their benefit. Again, this is what we have now. That type of government is here – now – working to perfection. So the government most activists want they already have and it’s working to perfection.

There is a huge fundamental difference between life under a constitution and life under a government. There is the possibility of a close to perfect constitution. In other words there are a lot of things people can agree on and write down in a constitution. There is very little need for government in life under a constitution. Politicians know this – even if activists don’t.

Activism that seeks to gain a better government will never succeed. It can’t because there will never be sufficient cooperation among the groups involved. The problem is we’ve grown up to think that government should control things or not control things. Therefore if we can make the government work better we will live better.  Again, what people are trying to achieve is done.

Now if the activist groups still insist on achieving their goals there is one option that hasn’t been tried yet. They can utilize their money and gain power over their lives. But this will have to happen rather quickly due to what’s happening with money. In order to have any say in life under the government activist groups will have to join the game and play by the rules of the game. They’ll have to form a PAC. They need a PAC and they need experienced  lobbyists to handle the pay outs. That’s how the game is played.

If they mess around and get their way they’ll have to continue to act with one mind or lose out again to the elitist groups – those who aren’t at odds with each other goal-wise. In fact they’ll have to buy laws that make it impossible for the elite to exist at all. This will take decades if there is no deviation or dissent within the activist PAC. Think this is a possibility?

Here are some questions I would have all activists ask. What exactly is the purpose of a constitution? What is a constitutional government and how does it work? What are the duties and powers of a constitutional government?

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