Roses PH Balancing Punch Mix

Get your base levels up to stay well. Creating an inner environment for good health isn’t really that hard. There is a lot of information available but here is a handy recipe to get you started.

Call some friends, get a quart of gin and some pinochle cards  and…wait that’s not the right one…okay, here we go

Roses PH Punch Mix

  1. 2 quarts apple juice
  2. 2 quarts white grape juice
  3. 2 quarts cranberry juice
  4. 6 cups apple cider vinegar

Hi, this is Rose. I got this concoction from my sister when I complained to her about my cholesterol being too high. She said, drink this it will save you from all sorts of health problems, one being high cholesterol levels. It’s also helps to keep you from being irregular – good for the tummy.

Make sure to get real juice without added sugar or corn syrup – Just pure unprocessed juice.

I guess, without knowing it, we were adjusting our PH balance, raising our Base levels which is necessary for a healthy functioning body. Whatever the case it’s stays in the fridge and we drink a little glass each day.

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