School is a complete waste of time

I remember the end of the high school, and why I did not go to the final exam…

Afterwards my teacher approached me, and asked me why I did not go, and do I imagine the consequences, which I replied, yes, i understand it completely, this school is a complete waste of time, its takes away more than ever gives…

I said how can this nonsense ever help prepare me for this life? How can all of this be logical?

After that they called me to the director of the school, and I told her what I was thinking as well… actually, my teacher thought it was kinda awesome, she said, wow julia, I never heard no one saying that directly to directors eyes, and I was thinking why?

Why no one is saying this things… why we do things we dont agree with?

are we doing this things out of fear…?!
… and why we afraid of it…!!!?

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