Sciatica – Self Treatment

I was just out on the balcony with a tennis ball rolling the trigger points that cause my sciatic pain. I thought, as I have before, I should make sure that people with sciatica know about this fast, free, fix.

I should say possible fix because if the sciatic pain isn’t caused by a trigger point then, obviously, it’s not going to help. There’s only one way to find out … right? If you look at the image below you can see the sciatic nerve. The muscle trigger points (knotted up muscles) can be anywhere in the area, mainly within that square overlay, but yours might include down the legs, usually on the outer side of the thigh and other areas.

All you need to find them is a tennis ball and a wall. Get the ball between yourself and the wall and lean into it. You’ll know when you find a trigger point. This treatment can take affect in under a minute.

sciatic Nerve

I might add that, for me, the culprits are located (1) just below the belt line in the upper butt muscle, and (2) up the back, just under the lowest rib. You’ll just have to scout around and find yours for yourself.

It doesn’t end at Sciatica either. Shoulder pain, knee pain, upper back and so on can all be caused by trigger points and taken care of by us, at home.

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