Sciencey sites and organizations

I’ve been looking at some of the face book pages that receive so many likes and are populated by vast followings…

What I find is how few of these pages represent organizations that make anything, that build anything people can use

I’ve focused on sciencey sites and organizations who launch theories on everything that we call Universe

You can’t eat theories, you can drive an idea to the store

One site in particular is Nassim Haramein’s page and website… A public figure with more than a quarter of a million likes, a foundation, donors, paid memberships… and author of a Unified Field theory. What have they built?

I saw where we could buy videos, a T-shirt… but no flying cars or even a quantum computer. So I have to remain skeptical…

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if anyone really knew anything about how “Physics” things worked that they could build something to prove it? What got built via Einsteins theories? How about Newton’s? Faraday?

Faraday’s fiddling, ideas and discovering led to electricity and our eventual limited understanding of electromagnetism… One of the main differences about people like Faraday and the sciencey people who fiddle around today is that he started with something and played with it… this eventually led to more somethings

I am not enthused about any projects, organizations or “Sciences” that start with nothing and seek to build on it…

reference: Haramein’s project

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