Scientific theory is in fact a belief

At least one person holds the opinion that…

  • Scientific theory is in fact a belief held by one or more people
  • It seems hypothesis has vanished altogether
  • Many scientists believe in god, which is in fact a hypothesis
  • Many people get snared by the terms science and academic

If we have an image of ourselves that includes a desire to be part of or associated with some community we’ll more readily side with the beliefs of that community. In fact a bias to anything outside the community creates blind spots and defense mechanisms, often referred to as cognitive dissonance.

It is all but impossible for people to see what they don’t want to see. This is one reason that we forever disagree and debate. No one debates facts.

No one gets pissed off because some rocks are hard. No one argues the need for clean water. The arguments start when one persons wants run in opposition to another persons wants… this will continue… forever

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