Scientists Of The Idiocracy

“FDA labels genetically modified salmon SAFE after 2 weeks of tests!”

“On Monday, US authorities began hearings to discuss the ever-growing debate surrounding genetically modified salmon……”

The problem with Science & Technology is not Science & Technology. The problem is the same as all problems – People. Science & Technology is only as good as the people working in Science & Technology. Is genetically altering Salmon bad? Not if you can be a hundred percent certain that your freak doesn’t get loose in the ocean.

Same with all GMO’s: It’s not that messing with genetics is inherently bad; It’s messing with things that can’t be controlled. That’s dumb…. that’s insane.

I heard a scientist talking about GMO’s, in response to the question,  “Can we be sure GMO’s are a hundred percent safe?”, say,  “Well no… but”.

Hey, that’s not good enough. In fact if the scientist were to say, “It’s a hundred percent safe”, that’s still not good enough. Being given a degree doesn’t mean you get to make decisions that effect my life. Not ever, in any situation, under any circumstances, do I want anyone making decisions for me, or Corn, or Salmon – Those things are not yours.

Is having no one make decisions that effect our health and safety unavoidable? Not the way things are set up. But shouldn’t people be able to say no being test subjects?

“Here eat this”, “What is it?”, “Well… I’m not completely sure”.

Have we lost our collectivist minds?

I heard the guy that was running HAARP say that no one would ever use HAARP for destructive purposes. Is anyone that stupid? It’s scary to think that the guy in charge of the HAARP facility is a complete idiot. But if he’s lying – he’s still an idiot – because that means he’s in on it.

We keep doing things that we don’t know enough about. If we don’t know what the consequences of our actions are – why not wait? Why do it? It’s not like this goofy stuff is necessary. No one “Needs” to eat Salmon. I haven’t eaten any Salmon in a couple of years – I’m fine.

Here’s a sane solution to the “Salmon Shortage”. Stop eating them. If you can’t catch a Salmon, don’t eat Salmon. I know enough about this solution to say with one hundred percent accuracy – it will work – perfectly. I can say this, for sure, because for a million years or so people interacted in this way with Salmon. It worked really good….

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