from a conversation with a Science enthusiast… Science is logical religions are not

Scientists: “… is always pivoted in the act of studying, not in the act of believing … ” ; impossible.

Although I’m not a Christian, or follower of any ideology, some of the most useful and in depth studies into brain chemistry I’ve run across came from a Christian neurosurgeon. Science is not a sacred cow to me. How long has it been since doctors were bleeding people?

All I ever wanted was facts about the world… Biology, chemistry, history… but my whole life I’ve had to wade through the people involved in these fields. Because of the scientist, a person working from it’s particular mind set, sciences like Cosmology and Astronomy are unrecognizable (to me) as science. You and I are operating based on different information. Do you know that what people call science is the third leading cause of death in the States? (not Byron Katie and Teal) I really wish you’d get over the whole science is good thing. I’d like you to take that idea and toss it. Same with academia.

There is only people. There is no sacred thing. Science, religion, politics, education are just industries

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