Searching for Universal Answers

I can only speak for myself for obvious reasons but I noticed the same for everyone who has been willing to talk about it… If I take the generic “Worry about what others think about me” and use that as a catch all… including myself: what I think about myself; as I think its all tied together…

When I get down to the bottom (or closer to the bottom) through examining my thoughts (observing) I find it all has to do with something physical… If, and when, I want to fit in, be part a of (anything… consensus, agreements, community, family, love relationships…), or become anything (knowledgeable about the Universal Code, mysteries of life, a better, kinder, more peaceful, more successful, better liked, loved, known… me)… Every time… when I get down through my own deceptions I find I just want some physical stuff… Money, Sex, Security… Next I asked myself Why?

As far as I can tell its because I live in a physical world… I imagine something else but its not really real to me… Spaghetti is real, string theory is a possibility, the Secret is Magic… So at the bottom of it all whats important to me is physical things… and thus all my motivation to do anything: Search for Universal answers, learn about the Planets, hang out with people, Talk! … it all ends up as different ways to get some stuff

At least I don’t have to constantly ask myself, “Why am I doing this… Why do I care…”?.

The truth is most of the things I do I don’t really care about and I could stop without any consequences…


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