Self Deception versus The Healthy Mind

In every circumstance, when the thinker becomes his or her thought, then the thinker separates his or her thought, pushing it away from the field of intelligence..

It is a psycho-social-symptomatic phenomena which has been all over the human place for millenia..

The mind who became thought, and no longer thinker, strives for its self-protection and the continuance of such thought.. ready to fight for it.. whatever such dominant thought is, whether “jesus christ”, “allah”, nationalism, tradition, “this is the way it is”, ideals or personal spiritual faiths whatsoever..

Thinking creates the thinker and the thinker thinks about what thinking created yesterday and how that yesterday’s thought projects the idea of the “Me” in the today’s brain..

This is supposed to be the unconditional nature of intelligence..

Thinking produces thoughts and thoughts shouldn’t shape a separation between thinking and thoughts.. but when this happens, and it happens most of the time, then this means that a separation in thinking has taken place.

It is when this separation takes place that there comes into being the confusion which gets manifested by the gap between the very act of thinking and the values given to the thoughts that the act of thinking shaped.. Along the experiencing of such confusion, the thinker ignores that he or she’s no longer a free thinker, but rather his or her mind has been taken over by the thoughts.. and there, at that point, intelligence decays..

For example: the religious believer, (or the nationalistic mind, or the spiritual psyche).. proceeds psychologically through his or her thoughts while his or her act of thinking is completely subjugated by those thoughts whatever their totalitarian nature is…

Now: until here we have been talking about the usual trend through which the psyche becomes subjugated by personal thoughts blinding up the thinker.. thoughts which are self manufactured.. made up along years of superficial thinking.. such as “this is my personality”, “this is me”, “I’m shy”, “I’m lonely” and so on..

But if we observe the nowadays scenario, now that we have the internet technology, the multitudes of information present in the web and specifically the modern new age and unchained conspiracy propaganda of all kind in their totality.. then an observation should be self-mandatory.. an observation which must come first.. being it so psycho-socially relevant today.. before any action aimed to sink in this or that “truth”.. and the observation is: is one aware about the circumstance in which we all, especially western people, are living within an immense “shopping mall” and market of pre-packaged thoughts?

If a subject is not aware of it, or even if the mind denies a logical, so important willingness to face this syncopated actuality.. then the psychological pudding made up by addiction, delusion and illusion is done.. and so; the psyche becomes..

I’m not sure if you follow..
Do you understand what I’m talking about?

We are living into an empire of illusions, a market of “truths”, an emporium of “that’s the way”.. from the mass media to the motivational books.. from politics to religions, from big ideals & modern philosophies up to the whole modern spiritual ridiculousness and so called “new age”…

The psyche caught in this “empire” in this “shopping mall” in which the tired and fragile mind can merely adopt a pre-manufactured adhesion to this and that so to feed its false sense of psychological integrity… the mind captured in this dynamic does not see reality anymore, the psychological reality first of all, for what it is, but rather such poor pathological psyche sees the world through its various relationships it developed because of its ‘me’ made up by conditioned memories.

In regard of what has been shared ’till now: the so called new age is a so evident corrupted scenario to an attentive mind.. so if you are depressed, through the thought you picked up from the “spiritual market” you convince yourself that that’s not depression: it is a “symptom of ascension”..

And if you are struggling because of the numbness of the world around you, rather than inquiring in it deeply, intelligently, radically.. you cling to the act of calling yourself “lightworker” or even “lightwarrior”.. so feel secure as a honorary member of a phantomatic, elusive, delusional “spiritual tribe”…

And if you want to become a stalker, so to harass your former girlfriend, you can after all build up your “right” to make her aware that she’s your “soul mate” .. that you were meant to be together despite the abuses.. right?

The self-anchorage to your perception of what’s “conscious” allows you to call a critical mind “evil” .. and if you lack of speciality in your life.. striving to be the picture of someone more alluring than what you are… you can always say, or even convincing yourself, that you have been kidnapped by aliens.. that you have psychic abilities.. that you are a human-alien hybrid with a message to deliver to humanity..

This is the scenario, in regard of the new age, to mention one, in which so many people sink everyday.. and from which great confusion arises.. It seems that the nowadays’s need of speciality has acquired more relevance than the immense pleasure of having a healthy mind.. together with other healthy minds who are not slaves of their unbalanced, tense, nervous, neurotic and messed up thoughts..

The main question is indeed so rare nowadays.. and the main question is.. do we have a healthy mind? Are we healthy thinkers?

Or are we merely the thoughts we adopted, begged to gain, borrowed or stolen from someone else?

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