SEO Yoast Plugin

It’s not true that 4 million people can’t be wrong, but still, more than 4 million people have installed Yoast’s SEO plugin.

I wanted to see if it made a difference as far as traffic to my blogs. I installed it this morning and on another site.

My problem with traffic is twofold, as I see it. One, I don’t mind writing about things I’m doing or looking at, but I really don’t want to do much more than that. I write what I want to write, hit Publish and go do something else.

Two, I’m not interested in a lot of highly popular topics. What is most popular in search is of no interest to me except as a case study into human psychology.

See, I’ve messed up again and mixed SEO and Human behavior. I’m really SEO deficient. Oh well, maybe the Yoast plugin will save my blogs and I can stay on line another year or so. We’ll see…

Conclusion: after a month; no change

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