Sex and Relationships

Why exactly is it that when a Man and a Woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, share good connection and fun that it instantly indicates they should have sex or go in a relationship? Why do We rush into making this connection into something known and programmed before We explore what it really is about?

Cause tell me honestly… how many times have We connected with a Man or Woman shared good connection and We were more interested in making space to explore than ending up in bed or in a relationship?

Why is that? And who exactly makes that choice? How come We cannot enjoy each other and be open to see what is really seeking to appear through such a connection? Most people around Me think I am a bit crazy,when I say “I like to get to know this beautiful species called Men, without all the programming about what they’re supposed to mean in My Life”.

Yes,I can feel My sexual energy moving and I can feel different things and that’s ok! No rush… Let’s get to Know each other… let’s get to enjoy each other’s company… how can We be able to know what wants to manifest and how We can gift each other unless We make space?
Are We making free choices? Are We making aware choices, when We jump on one another, simply reacting to a body sensation too fast or to an inner lack that turns the other into the “one”?

And if We make aware choices and we have this “But I feel it’s real”, then why so much suffering and heartache around relationships? Why so much being together and lonelier than ever?

Why spending years and years together but knowing nothing really of each other?

Just saying… By, Kalliopi Tsiknia

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