Signs and wonders

Have you heard all the talk about the coming things?

Myself, I’m still puzzled by the Aligning, Astrological Transformations… the Scorpio Energy…

What I see ( as opposed to all the stuff there is to read ) is people are equipped from the gate to do everything there is to do within the scope of what is doable… Independent of any beleif in Signs or ideas about energies…

There’s a catchy quote passed around that goes “You are the answer you’ve been looking for” – I could use the same structure to say “You are the wave, the energy, the transformation… you are looking to..”  …or for, or at, or thinking about, waiting for etc … there is a part of the Sidereal Astronomy that someone called Scorpio… how do you suppose it got from looking up, drawing and naming things to the myriad of stories we can read, and follow, today?

How did a Sumerian Cuneiform become part of the Church of Rome and eventually morph into the multi-religions of today?

Personally I want nothing interfering with my investigation into what is, discovering and uncovering, even the forgetting, of Me… interference still happens because I can be distracted readily. I can cut down on these distractions though… keeping myself free of entanglement and the mire of thought

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