Slaves of the selfie

The desire to use the activity to impress others in order to impress ourselves is unfortunately a modern phenomenon, especially with and in the internet/social networking in which basically anyone can show (and fake) something along the attempt to impress others so to impress himself or herself by nourishing the daily “fuel” of the urge of a very virtual type of self-esteem…

It’s indeed a modern tendency, this tendency to gain a certain level of self-esteem the thickness of which is so often, if not even entirely, made up by the desire of visibility… visibility due, so commonly, to a state of mind in which the individual who selects this urge, in truth, does not know what to do with his/her own mind and life..
This is typical nowadays: visibility, to so many people, is a matter of “psychological life or death”..

The problematic aspect of this tendency is to be found in the fact in which what we basically tend to show and to promote is what I call the “picture of what we are not”..

It can be quite deleterious ’cause there is a sort of addiction that can come into being so easily and surreptitiously.. (we all, more or less, have came across certain people who actually live their whole psychological life under the false “dome” of the identity they created, especially on line.. not to mention (in particular) the so many more or less “second hand” spiritual/motivational preachers or gurus, more or less new age, that populate the web’s scenario, striving to gain their space of consensual nourishment along the act of building up an audience… busy in showing and speaking about “honesty” and “authenticity”, about “how to do this, how to do that” … people that, in reality, are often pretty much negligent, weirdos, egotistical, narcissistic, false, banal, or eventually even exploiters, scams, or merely a mess masked by some semblance of “inspiring identitarian images” whatsoever)..

It seems to me that so many people nowadays are really addicted to the consensus/image they can get from the virtual communication (to report an example: it seems that the 20/25% of the web is occupied by pictures of puppies and kitties.. Nothing wrong in this of course, but obviously there is much more hidden behind all of those pets.. because the little kitten means “likes”, while an honest and intelligent reflection on our psychological condition does not catch the interest of anyone!

It is also so easy to denote how many motivational speakers grow like “magic magic mushrooms”, basically everyday from the web.. intending to say something.. something that has been said, almost always, by someone else)..

Psychologically there is nothing really wrong in having gratification from other people (hopefully because of something tangible and productive, intelligent and rational, and not because of some glamour falsity, “mumbo jumbo” or merely various prototypes of unreal “self-portrait” such as the “channelers”, the “indigo people”, the clairvoyants, the “healers of all kind”, the “seekers for metaphysical inspiration of some sort” and up to the ridiculous such as those who claim to be “alien/hybrids”, “reincarnation of this and that”, “holders of paranormal or extra-sensorial abilities” and all the rest of this mess and crap)..

When the gratification received came/comes from healthy and intelligent conversations, artistic actions/creations, poetry or basic communication, acts and operas.. then it’s more than welcomed in our psyche.. (avoiding the act of fueling useless and often corrupting “honour”, pride or more or less “snobbery” of course)..

However, the issue and root of the (easy to come into being) trouble must be found in the so easy addiction that can be manifested in the mind of he/she who seeks for this outward consensus..

One matter indeed is the experience of gratification in itself, which has a beginning and it has an end just like all psychological experiences.. and it eventually represents a good “psychological fuel” to improve the intelligent and productive continuation of what we are doing, and what we did to to be gratified.. another matter is the identification in such gratification.. ’cause the identification in gratification shapes the mind into a poor, little petty psyche.. slave of the consensus such mind needs as a drug to impress itself by impressing the others..

It’s a very poisonous vicious circle in which this psychological state of “mental alcoholism” becomes progressively even more important than our sacrosanct psychological freedom..

This is a so common phenomenon among celebrities, just to mention one of the many categories..

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