Social Security – Get Over It

I just got an email from some group asking me to help them meet some goal – to have a certain number of people to beg some lawmaker to do something with Social Security. Nothing new there I get 5 emails a day asking me to beg someone, somewhere for something. What was grossly silly was they made the statement – Social Security is a sacred promise.

A sacred promise? Are you kidding? Are you completely out of your mind? A sacred promise?

First, what is a sacred promise? Is there really such a thing – as sacred – in the real world? I don’t mean the world men have made up. The real world, where only real stuff exists. Real stuff like trees and birds – Is there a sacred anything in the real world? People say “Life Is Sacred” – Who’s life? People in your group? All Life? How about bacteria? How about “Life In The Gulf Of Mexico”?

Sooner or later we are going to get passed all the “Make Up World” stuff. And guess what? We’re not going to be consulted. We’re not going to get to vote on whether to live in a pretend world – or the real world. Life – real life – isn’t like that.

Sacred is a word. Somebody made it up. Social Security is something somebody made up to do something for someone at sometime.

Now – That Time – is gone. Those people are dead and gone. The made up money is gone. The world as we knew it – Is Over. It was not sacred – Someone made that up. Like Social Security.

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